DASH Radio Network is Driving the DASH Radio Messaging Medium & Evolving the Direct to DASH Communications Environment on Digital Dashboards.

Radio You Can See
In-Car radio listeners are exposed to 30 second static and dynamic DASH Radio Messaging on their RDS & HD Radio FM enabled display screens.

Small Screen – BIG MESSAGE
Location is everything in the media world and the Digital DASH presents the most coveted In-Car real estate space available to advertisers looking to target mobile consumers.

DASH Radio Messaging RULES the Road
Messages cut through the clutter – it’s like having a digital billboard on car radio displays that never goes away.

Tapping into an Untapped Marketplace
Cutting-edge messaging platform provides advertisers an untapped consumer marketplace ON the RADIO DIAL.

Monetizing the Digital DASH
100% Share of Voice…Game Over! Category exclusivity allows Advertiser’s to monetize car radio dashboard displays, leverage mindshare, dominate the DASH Radio Messaging medium and takes ownership of the radio dials.

DASH Radio Messaging Essentially Provides Advertisers with Product Placement ON Car Radio Screen Displays.